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 Guangzhou Ning International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. is approved by the China Civil Aviation Administration of a class of international air cargo sales agents. Headquartered in Hong Kong in 1999, in order to expand the Mainland business, in 2016 in Guangzhou to set up the company. We rely on more than 200 countries in more than 500 long-term cooperation in international network of agents, to provide any point to the global logistics services; in recent years began to rely on the advantages of traditional air and maritime routes for cross-border electrical business enterprises to provide high-quality trunk and customs clearance Logistics Services. 
The company is committed to providing customers with the most complete service functions, in the import and export goods trade, sea and air transport, insurance, international express delivery, foreign warehousing, Amazon FBA, etc. to provide you with the best quality and efficient "one-stop" , For you to plan the best, most provincial, most convenient trade and transport programs. "One-stop service" can remove the annoyance of your business operations, increase your time and space to expand the market, reduce your marketing costs, so that you can trade at home can be global. Guangzhou Ning International Freight Forwarders Co., Ltd. is willing to accompany you in good faith, work together to create a better future! 

Company existing Guangzhou route: CA, MU, KE, SQ, OZ, EK, SV, TK. Hong Kong routes: EK, ET, EY, SV, BA, SQ and so on. 
Main business: international air transport / maritime import and export, customs declaration warehousing logistics and cross-border land transport in one. 
Guangzhou Ning focus on pragmatic innovation, and constantly build the strength of products. Able to provide customers with a full range of import and export solutions for the logistics steward, to provide customers with door-to-door and thoughtful service.