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Logistics enterprises to make information companies
Article Author:admin Upload updated:2017-08-09
Circulation is actually caught in the middle of the two gas, the crux of where? Because the logistics industry is too low-end, and now the logistics is running transport, it has a lot of blindness, there is no amount of information to go when the overload, back when the empty car, it is not a specialized logistics business, which Time to bring a lot of wear and tear, such as the loss rate of fresh fruits and vegetables to reach more than 30%. China's logistics industry to develop, it should be the logistics enterprises to make real logistics enterprises. Such as Wal-Mart, it is not a retail business, but an information business. Wal-Mart can be in the global context, within 24 hours to know where the goods, all the supply and demand information is, this is the king of information. Our logistics enterprises really made of information companies, many problems solved. We now want to reduce the cost of circulation, to reduce the price of vegetables, to solve food safety problems, that every link should be able to form a system of prosecution. In the final analysis, we are now the logistics industry must be reborn.
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