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E - commerce to promote the delivery industry hundred school
Article Author:admin Upload updated:2017-08-09
With the economic development of faster and faster, China's various industries also will grow up. This role is mutual, the economy can promote the development of industry and enterprises, and industry and business development of our economy has an important impact. This is a relationship between mutual promotion and influence. To customer needs as the core, the construction of rapid response to the service team, keep the service commitment. Provide in the field of express delivery, economic development also played a particularly important role. In addition, China's current development of e-commerce also SF Express and other private enterprises have an important impact.
   With the rapid development of e-commerce, logistics industry in the occasion of a hundred schools of thought, the national policy is also strongly supported. For example, in August 2012, "deepening the reform of the circulation system to speed up the development of the views of the circulation industry," the "No. 39", requires the ministries to strengthen the construction of modern circulation system; deepen the circulation of reform and opening up; develop and improve the circulation network planning; Improve the financial and financial support policies; reduce the tax burden of the circulation industry; reduce the cost of circulation and so on.
   It is worth mentioning that this year, by Alibaba lead SF Express courier companies such as the combination of rookie network can be successful, depending on the Taobao / Lynx Mall to B2C transition can be successful, this topic is beyond our judgment The range. It can be said that Europe and the United States e-commerce B2C scale is far lower than China, China's urban population living in the high density of China's distribution service determines the intensive and economical, making B2C great development possible.
   Flexible combination of service plans, more customers design a variety of free value-added services and innovative experience, all-weather uninterrupted provision of cordial and immediate leading services. It seems that there is no connection with the courier company, but SF is such a service by constantly doing business. Of course, the service is one of the other, more policy and the environment to promote the development of enterprises is the main force.
   With Taobao / Lambo massive buyer customers, and based on the current Taobao sellers increasingly high concentration trend, we believe that Taobao days cat to B2C transition may be able to be successful, from the current development trend, the development of lynx Has been significantly faster than Taobao, no matter what kind of development faster, will be the logistics industry to promote the development of the Great Leap Forward. For Shun Feng and other courier companies, can do is in addition to their own development, in the intensification of the completion of professional services, then the development of the industry will be more rapid.
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